Komatsu Premium Discount Vouchers (English)


As a form of financial support for Komatsu citizens facing the impact of the rise in cost of living, as well as to leverage the Shinkansen extension to Komatsu Station for local revitalization and stimulation of local economy, Komatsu is issuing another round of premium discount vouchers! 
These cash vouchers can be purchased by Komatsu Citizens at a discount, and used across a wide selection of participating local Komatsu shops (restaurants, stores etc.)


The main changes from the previous round of vouchers (in 2023) is as follows:

・10% increase in voucher value, with 14,000 yen worth of vouchers issued at the price of 10,000 yen (Up to two sets of vouchers per household. A second round will not be carried out.)

・Relaxed requirements for registration as a participating business. Any business registered as an association member with the Komatsu Chamber of Commerce & Industry can participate, including large retail stores (stores eligible the previous round remain eligible this time.)

Sale of Vouchers

Who can purchase

In early May, a postcard that can be used to purchase the vouchers will be sent to all households registered in Komatsu City (as of 1 April 2024).

*Please check the instructions and terms and conditions before purchasing.


14,000 yen worth of vouchers can be purchased for 10,000 yen. (in a set of 14 x 1000 yen vouchers)

Total no. of vouchers to be sold

50,000 sets (Total of 700,000,000 yen in value)

Sold Out (as of 25 May 2024)

As all Komatsu Premium Discount Voucher stocks have been sold out, sales at all locations has ended as of 25 May 2024 (Sat).

We thank everyone for your generous support.

Current Sales Locations

Sales has ended as of 25 May (Sat)

Terms & Conditions

  • Up to two sets of vouchers can be purchased by each household, upon exchange of the purchase postcard. 
  • The purchase postcard will be stamped and return to you after purchase. (it may be used again if there is a second round of sales, so please safekeep it if desired)
  • Purchase can only be made in cash, and no receipts will be issued.
  • You may not transfer the purchase postcard to another party. However, a non-family member may purchase on your behalf. They may be requested to present personal ID for verification.
  • Refunds will not be accepted.
  • The list of participating stores will be updated on this page, and can also be checked at the voucher sales venues. Please check the list before purchasing the vouchers.

Use of Vouchers

Period of Validity

20 May (Mon) to 30 Sept (Mon) 2024

How to Use

You may use the vouchers in denominations of 1000 yen, to make payment at participating shops.

*Change will not be provided, so be sure to use each voucher for amounts over 1000 yen

Terms & Conditions

  • The vouchers cannot be used outside the validity period above
  • Vouchers that have been marked by shop staff in the 「換金済みチェック欄」("redeemed") checkbox may not be used again.
  • You will not receive a refund even if you have unused vouchers after the validity period.
  • Vouchers may only be used at "Komatsu Premium Discount Voucher" (いい街こまつプレミアム取扱店) participating stores (list to be updated below).
  • You may not copy, sell or give your vouchers to anyone outside your household.
  • Vouchers will not be reissued even if they have been lost, stolen, modified or used by others without the owner's permission.
  • Participating shops may choose to implement specific rules and restrictions regarding the use of vouchers at their shops, or suspend voucher use due to unforeseen circumstances. You are advised to check with the desired store beforehand or upon visit, to avoid dispute during payment.

Purchases/ Payments Invalid for Voucher Usage

  • Public bills (tax, bank transfer, transfer fee, insurance bill, electric / gas / water bills, phone bills etc.)
  • Securities, other vouchers, travel vouchers, boarding tickets, stamps, postcards, prepaid cards. etc.
  • Payment for lottery / betting 
  • Tobacco products that fall under Article 2, Act 3 of the Tobacco Business Act (incl. e-cigarettes)
  • Payments relating to landed property such as purchase of land, housing, rent, parking (excluding temporary parking)
  • Cost of materials, machinery or goods etc. used for business operations.
  • Payments relating to specific religious or political organizations, or in violation of public order
  • Consultation fees etc. at medical facilities (including medicine fees at pharmacies)
  • Other transactions deemed inappropriate by the mayor of Komatsu City.

List of Participating Stores (as of 3 Jun)

For Enquiries

Multilingual Support Desk:


(8.30AM - 5PM, weekdays only)