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Procedures for Residence

Procedures for Residence

Procedures for Residence

 Inquiries: Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau, Kanazawa Branch Office 
                 (Kanazawa Ekinishi Government Building)
                 Tel: 076-222-2450
                 Office Hours : 09.00 - 12.00, 13.00 - 16.00 
                 *Closed Sat, Sun & Public holidays


When one wishes to obtain Japanese citizenship, one must consult the Minister of Justice.
  Kanazawa District Legal Affairs Bureau, Komatsu Branch 
  Tel: 22-6300 (12 Konmade-machi, Komatsu city)


1) Loss of passport
If one's passport gets lost or stolen, one must report to the local police and have a ”Certificate of Report of Loss (Theft)” issued, which must be taken to the embassy or consulate of one's own country to have a passport reissued.
It is advised that one prepares the documents required by enquiring by telephone beforehand.

2) Transfer of Endorsement to New Passport
When a new passport has been issued because of the expiry of old passport or loss, a new entry permit stamp and status of residence must be transferred to the new passport.
Procedure must be taken at the Immigration Bureau with the old and new passports, if the old one is available, or with the new passport if the old one is not available.