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City Hall Procedures (Notifications and Registrations)

City Hall Procedures (Notifications and Registrations)


Citizen's Affairs Section Tel: 0761-24-8065 Office Hours: 08.30 - 18.30

Births and deaths in Japan must be reported to the City Hall. The same applies to marriage and divorce. 
*When one wishes to obtain Japanese citizenship, see Naturalization.

Marriage Notification

If both marriage partners are foreign residents, it is necessary to register at 
1. City Hall of your place of residence
2. The diplomatic mission (Embassy / Consulate) of your country 
When submitting to the local city hall, you will need the following documentations
1. A Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, to be issued by your country's embassy.
2. Proof of your Nationality
As the type of required proofs may differ between nationalities, please contact your city office to confirm what is necessary.

In regards to the necessary procedures and documentation required at your country's embassy, please confirm with them specifically. 

Divorce Notification

In the event that both parties are foreign nationals, please contact both your local municipal office as well as your own national embassy to confirm the necessary procedures.

However, if one marriage partner is Japanese, you are able to use the standard Japanese process of divorce. Please contact your local municipal office for details. 

Birth Notification

  • You are to receive the birth certificate from the doctor or midwife after giving birth.
  • You must submit the birth notification to the municipal office of your place of residence within 14 days of the birth.  
  • Upon receiving Certificate of Acceptance of Report of Birth from the City Hall,  you will need to report your child's birth at your country's embassy or consulate. For the other necessary documents, please consult the respective embassy for details.
  • If the newborn child is to stay in Japan for more than 60 days after the date of birth, an application to acquire status of residence must be submitted to the Immigration Bureau within 30 days.  

Death Notification

  • Notification must be submitted with the death certificate issued by a doctor to the municipal office of one's place of residence within seven days after acknowledgement of death.  
  • The National Heath Insurance Card must be returned, if the decease was in possession of one.  
  • Notification must be submitted to the embassy or consulate of the deceased's country.

Seal Registration

Citizen's Affairs Section  Tel: 0761-24-8065  Office Hours: 08.30 - 18.30

The personal seal registered at the municipal office of one's place of residence is referred to as the Registered Seal. The document proving that personal seal to be the registered seal is referred to as the Certificate of Seal Registration.
The registered seal and the certificate of seal registration are required when registering a vehicle or entering into important contracts in Japan.

An ordinary personal seal not registered as the registered seal is referred to as the Unofficial and Unregistered Personal Seal. This seal is used more often under normal circumstances.

Applying for Seal Registration

A registered resident over the age of 15 can apply for seal registration, which is done at the section in charge of the municipal office of one's place of residence.
The size of the seal must fit a square, measuring over 8mm and less than 25mm
(This is the normal size, but may differ by the municipal office), and must be in the full name or alias registered on certificate of registered items in the Residence Card

Only one personal seal can be registered for each person. 
Items required
  • Residence Card  - Personal Seal to be registered
  • When one wishes to register a seal in Chinese characters, a document showing the name in the same characters is required, i.e. Bank or Post office Pass Book or Pay Slip

Seal Registration Card

A seal registration card (Refers to a book or card that proves the registration of the personal seal) is issued  after the procedure for seal registration has been completed. Certificate of seal registration can be issued when one takes this Seal Registration Card to the municipal office of one's place of residence. 
*However, a fee applies.