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Komatsu Public Wi-Fi of Service

Komatsu Public Wi-Fi of Service


Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

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Komatsu Public Wi-Fi Service

 Komatsu Public Wi-Fi Service offers Internet access environment for smart phone and
other electronic devices.
 There is no usage fee for using Wi-Fi and no program or application download
is required for connection.
 Please use it by all means for web browsing, email, etc. in public facilities.

 Access points installed by the city of Komatsu are marked with this sign.
 sign of komatsu public wifiおくがいがたかんばん

 Before using the service   
 The user must agree with the “Komatsu Public Wi-Fi Terms of Service”
before using the service

 How to connect komatsu public Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi locations   
1 Komatsu Public Wi-Fi
(1)Connect at the wi-fi hotspot with your smartphone/computer to the network SSID=
「'komawifi'=Password」, password=「komawifi」 

(2) Open the web browser and register your information according to instruction on the page(first time connection only).

(3) Enter your userID and password. User will be requested to agree with the "Terms of Service", before using the network.

 Wi-Fi locationsかぶっきーおくがいろご
Usage Facility Usage Location Usage Times
Hanamichi Square YOROSSA
(In front of Komatsu 
Hikiyama Gallery MIYOSSA
Hanamichi Square Yorossa zone 6am - 10pm
Ataka no Seki Barriers around Ataka View Terrace 6am - 10pm
Natadera Temple entrance area of Natadera temple 6am - 10pm
JR Komatsu Sta. East Exit areas around Science Hills
Komatsu, JR Komatsu Sta.
East Exit, Komatsu no Mori Park
6am - 10pm
JR Komatsu Sta. West Exit,
Civic Square
JR Komatsu Sta. West Exit,
Civic Square area
6am - 10pm
Kibagata Park, West entrance around the Observatory Deck of
Kibagata Park, West entrance
6am - 10pm
Komatsu Sports Park area around Komatsu Sports Park 6am - 10pm
Kibagata Park Observatory Kibagata Park Observatory area 6am - 10pm
Kibagata Park North Entrance around the Rest House 6am - 10pm
Kibagata Park Shoth Entrance around the Administration House 6am - 10pm
Ishikawa Aviation Plaza Lobby, Play area(1F), Exhibition hall(2F) 9am - 5pm
Hiyou Moss Garden around Hiyou Moss Garden 6am - 10pm


(1) Connect at the wi-fi hotspot with your smartphone/computer to the network
 SSID=「’freespot’=SecurityPassword(AES)」, password=「freespot」.

(2) Open the internet browser and register your email(first time connection only).

(3) For the first time connection, user will be requested to agree with the “Terms of
Service”, before using the network.

(For more details, connections methods are explained in the Connection Guide of
 each facility and in the FREESPOT home page.

 How to Connect Wirelessly (by Device)(External links)

FREESPOTFREESPOT official Website(External links)

 Wi-Fi Locationsふりーすぽっとろご
Usage Facility Usage Location Usage Times
Komatsu URARA
Entrance Hall (1F) 
  (Usage of electrical outlets
   is not available)
Conference Rooms 1~3
9am - 10pm
(days with no event: until 6pm)
Public Hall Lobby of 1F and 2F
Conference Rooms 1~7
9am - 10pm
Municipal Library Audience Room Week days: 10am – 7pm
(from Dec. to Feb until
Sat, Sun, holidays:
9am - 5pm
Nanbu Municipal
Conference Room,
Audience Room, User corner
Komatsu Tourist
Information Center
area around Komatsu
Tourist Information Center
(inside JR Komatsu Sta.)
6am - 10pm
Komatsu Dome Lobby(in front of Administration Office)and surround Cafeteria 9am - 10pm
Kibagata Sports
Training Center
in the training center and
inside the lodges
Mon to Sat: 9am - 9.30pm
Sun and Holidays:
9am - 5pm
※Overnight guests can access 24hrs
Komatsu Civic
1F Sho-Hall, Lobby
2F Seminar Rooms A,B,C, 
   Meeting Room, Hotto Room
9am - 10pm
Kibagata Medaka
inside Kibagata Medaka House 8.30am-5pm
Suehiro Gymnasium
”Yoshitsune Arena”
around the reception
Mon to Sat: 9am - 9.30pm

Sunday and holidays:
9am - 5pm
Komatsu General
around the reception
Sakuragi Gymnasium around the reception
Okuradake Kogen
Ski Area

Winter period
from Sunday to Thursday: 8am - 9.30pm
Friday, Saturday and the day before holiday:8am - 11pm
(Usage times from March: 8am - 9.30pm)
Komatsu City Hall entrance(1F) 8.30am - 9.30pm
City Museum Gallery(1F), Exhibition Hall(2F, 3F) 8.30am - 6.30pm
Archaeological Center Exhibition Hall(1F) 9am - 5pm
Funeral Hall Sazanami Lounge 8.30am - 5.15pm
Seseragi-no-sato Lobby, Restaurant 8am - 10pm
Miyamoto Saburo Museum around the reception lobby 9am - 5pm
Kabukky Land inside facility  9am - 9pm
Komatsu University Central campus library, English Cafe(2F) 9am - 9pm 
Daiichi Community Center entrance 8am - 10pm 
Komatsu 820 Station whole building 8am - 8pm
Machiya House Ryusuke whole building available 24 hrs 
 Details about the facility, please refer to the page link of destination.
※ Depending on the conditions, the facility may change the usage locations and usage
times without users’consent.

   MAP download(PDF 535KB)